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Tactile Colour Communication

Inspiration for creativity in people with different artistic and visual abilities.

About Us

Tactile Colour Communication has worked extensively in education, home visits and accessibility evaluation. We are dedicated to assisting people to share information, learn, and have fun. We see the potential for expanding into the field of multi-sensory communication by bringing sight and touch together. Tactile Colour Communication holds workshops on how to use Tactile Colour practically and creatively. We advise individuals and groups regarding visual impairment, explain about tactile graphics and assist with making information and places more accessible. Transit systems and public places and services have sponsored prototype maps and plans.


Educational aid for the integrated classroom.
Inspiration for creativity in people with different artistic and visual abilities.Immense potential for linguistic, cognitive, psychological, and vision studies.Medium for cartographers and architects to make buildings and maps more accessible.

Augmentative communication aid for people who are blind and do not speak.Blends colour and texture as an introduction to the use of touch for people who may lose more sight. Encourages the use of touch for sighted people.

Tactile Colour is designed inclusively to be accessible to nearly every human being. It enables people to identify colours and interpret information by touch.


Individuals use the sheet vinyl to make pictures, maps, labeling systems and games. People communicate visual ideas in a tactile and a visual  format for greater integration.

Mobility maps are printed for specific locations and used in conjunction with markers and audio information for way finding systems.

Information normally displayed in colour is identified and accessed by touch. People with visual impairments work independently or with others. Blind and sighted children play together.

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